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To the Honorable [Congressperson's name here]:

According to the Center for Disease Control, 21 percent of all Americans are obese. That’s 62 million overeaters! More troubling, 62 million overeaters whose obesity-related health care costs—estimated at over $80 billion a year—are straining our health care system. As these startling figures demonstrate, the obese are not only burdens to themselves, but burdens to society. For the financial and physical health of our nation, they must be stopped.

Toward this end, I’m writing in support of the so-called fat tax, which would tax Americans annually according to their weight or body-mass index (BMI). The philosophy is simple: Americans can eat all the Big Macs, Twinkies, and ice cream they want. But for the first time, they—not Joe Citizen—will be responsible for paying their health care costs. It’s simple. It’s fair. And it’s the right thing to do. According to a study by the Institute for a Healthy America (IHA), the fat tax could raise $150 billion per year, and cut American obesity in half by 2013.

As a healthy, concerned citizen, I urge you to support the fat tax. Because the only way to slim down our bloated health care costs is to slim down the fatties. If they can’t control themselves, Uncle Sam must.


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